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Frogs are amphibians in the order Anura, formerly referred to as Salientia. Most frogs are characterized by long hind legs, a short body, webbed digits (fingers or toes), protruding eyes and the absence of a tail. Frogs are widely known as exceptional jumpers, and many of the anatomical characteristics of frogs, particularly their long, powerful legs, are adaptations to improve jumping performance. Due to their permeable skin, frogs are often semi-aquatic or inhabit humid areas, but move easily on land. They typically lay their eggs in puddles, ponds or lakes, and their larvae, called tadpoles, have gills and develop in water. Adult frogs follow a carnivorous diet, mostly of arthropods, annelids and gastropods. Frogs are most noticeable by their call, which can be widely heard during the night or day, mainly in their mating season.

Free Frog Coloring Pages

Pick and print! Simply click the free frog, print the image and color until your hearts content. The free coloring sheets can be used by educators or simply by children who love frogs.

Frog in Swamp

Group of Frogs

Playful Frogs


Pair of Frogs


Group of Frogs

Swimming Frogs

Spotted Frogs


Dark Spotted Frog

Dancing Frog





Frog Species

Small Frog

Striped Frog

Tree Frog

Poison Dart Frog


Frog Hop

Cane Toad

Frog with Webbed Feet

Jumping Frog

Swimming Frog

Frog Hop


Spotted Frog

Frog with Spots

Girly Frog

Frog with Spots

Frog with Bow

Frog Girl

Walking Frog


Fly with a Frog


Jumping Frog

Frog on a Lily Pad

Frog with mouth Open


Leaping Frog


Frog Gifts