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Anteaters are the four mammal species of the suborder Vermilingu commonly known for eating ants and termites. Together with the sloths, they compose the order Pilosa. The anteater is extensively distributed in South and Central America, frequenting low swampy savannas, along the banks of rivers, and the depths of the humid forests, but is nowhere abundant.

Free AnteaterColoring Pages

Pick and print! Simply click the free Anteater, print the image and color until your hearts content. The free coloring sheets can be used by educators or simply by children who love Anteaters.

Foraging Anteater

Giant Anteater

Anteaterwith a Long Tongue

Hunting Anteater

Anteaterin a Tree

Climbing Anteater

Anteaterwith a Tree


Large Anteater

Traditional Giant Anteater

Long Tongued Anteater

Small Anteater

Anteaterwith an Ant Hill






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