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Porcupine Gifts

Porcupines are rodents with a coat of sharp spines, or quills, that defend them from predators. They are indigenous to the Americas, southern Asia, and Africa. Porcupines are the third largest of the rodents, behind the capybara and the beaver. Porcupines' quills, or spines, take on various forms, depending on the species, but all are modified hairs coated with thick plates of keratin, and they are embedded in the skin musculature.

Porcupine Photo Gallery

Fantastic photos and pictures of porcupines in their environment and habitat. Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the porcupine photo.

Porcupine Face

Prickly Porcupine

Porcupine Climbing a Tree

Porcupine in Yard

Hungry Porcupine

Porcupine in Autumn

Treed Porcupines


Prickled Porcupine

Porcupine in a Tree

Quills on a Porcupine


Porcupine Gifts




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