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Wolves have bulky coats consisting of two layers. The first layer is made up of tough guard hairs that repel water and dirt. The second is a dense, water-resistant undercoat that insulates. The undercoat is shed in the form of large tufts of fur in late spring or early summer (with yearly variations). A wolf will often rub against objects such as rocks and branches to encourage the loose fur to fall out.

Wolf Photo Gallery

Fantastic photos and pictures of wolves in their environment and habitat. Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the wolf photo.

Wolf Pup

Howling Wolf

Wolf in Snow

Wolf Hunt


Face of Wolf

Wolf Prowl


Wolf Howl

Cute Wolf


Snowy Wolf

Wolf Pack

Lone Wolf

Running Wolf

Wolf Profile

Wolf Glare

Pair of Wolves

Wolf in Water


Wolf Run


Playful Wolves

Wolf Pups

Wolf in Stream

Gray Wolf

Wolf Howling

Face of Wolf



Wolf Gifts




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