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Beavers are known for their natural trait of building dams on rivers and streams, and building their homes (known as "lodges") in the resulting pond. Beavers also build canals to float build materials that are difficult to haul over land. They use powerful front teeth to cut trees and other plants that they use both for building and for food.

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All About Beavers
Beavers are the architects and builders of the animal kingdom. Beavers build their homes in water that is usually at least four feet deep, so they will not be at risk to predators. If beavers are unable to find a suitable area where the water is deep enough they will build a dam across the stream to block the water and form a deep pond. The deeper they want the pond the higher they build the dam. Beavers live in a hollow mound or den, some of which is underwater.

Beavers are excellent swimmers they have webbed hind feet for paddling and big flat tails that can be used as a rudder to steer. A beaver can hold its breath underwater for about 15 minutes. Beavers may “spank” the water with their tail to scare away enemies or warn other beavers.

Beavers have sharp teeth they use to cut down young trees. A beaver’s front teeth never stop growing. Beavers will travel from their home to cut down more trees, they will dig a waterway to float their newly cut trees down the waterway to their home. A pair of beavers can fall up to 400 trees a year. A beaver does not waste anything when they build a damn. They cut branches to a manageable size, they trim the bark and leaves and the remaining wood is used to build the dam.

With the exception of humans Beavers change the world around them more than any other creature on earth.

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